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As the first rays of the morning’s sunlight appeared from over the tallest peaks of the snowy mountains and the sunlight twinkled off of the snowflakes that fell, Snowdrop was granted for the first time her growing magic!

She spread her wings wide and felt the new day’s warmth on her back while she sat and watched the world below being covered in the morning light too. She fluttered to the bottom of the snowy mountains where the waterfall lies down in the pools; this is where she makes her home, at Waterlily Pond.


Her best friend is Rupert the Rabbit who whispers to her about the adventures he has in the forest. 

Floating on the seeds of dandelions is her favourite spring adventure and in the summer when all the snow has melted away she loves to jump and play in the pond with her faerie friends.

Snowdrop loves to sing to the birds, watch the snow fall high in the mountains and when the southern lights shine in the evenings she wishes for all the magic in this world to be shared with the friends she has met along her journey!


Visiting children is always an adventure filled with lots of laughter, sparkle and enchantment. She feels so lucky to be invited to flutter out to visit lots children and all of their beautiful friends too!!

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