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About us...

Rainbowlily & Snowdrop


This story began when two little fae met on a sunny day at a beautiful celebration. Rainbowlily excitedly told Snowdrop about her adventures in the human realm and invited her to try a little bit of growing magic from the cheeky pixies... They set off together to a magical birthday party for a special child and had the very best time!

The two faeries dreamed and created wonderful ideas to expand their adventures and magic. It soon became apparent that a brand new journey was under way... Beyond the Faerie Tree!

Snowdrop and Rainbowlily are delighted to be offering the most enchanting faerie birthday parties, professional face painting, event entertainment, a gorgeous pop-up faerie shop and Facebook shop, filled with inspiring treasures! We look forward to bringing you many opportunities to connect with the magic and light of the faerie realm! 


Please take this opportunity to browse our site and discover all that we have to offer!


Pixie dust & love,

Rainbowlily and Snowdrop x

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