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Sunflower lives in a tall Oak tree overlooking a magnificent field of golden sunflowers, on the very edge of the Enchanted Forest. Her home is in a hollow of the tree, in which she has weaved a cosy nest out of twigs and feathers, just like the birds taught her to. She looks after the birds and helps teach the baby birds to fly. Sometimes they let her sit on their backs whilst they soar over the sunflowers, or swoop low over Waterlily Pond. Sunflower especially enjoys sitting on the backs of her duck friends as they swim over the pond and she can run her fingers through the cool sparkling water. Although she is very careful to keep from falling in, as not to get her wings wet!


Sunflowers best friend is Albus the Tuatara. He lives in an underground hollow beneath her Oak tree. Sunflower really likes the acorns that fall from the tree, and sometimes she plays a game to see who can build the biggest pile of acorns. She keeps the best acorns for her collection of treasures. Sunflower collects many beautiful things, and keeps them all safely tucked away in the hollow of her tree.


In the mornings she enjoys fluttering down to Waterlily Pond, where she knows she will find her faerie friends, and search for pixie pebbles together among the little woodland streams.